How to repair you surfbike. (manual for download at the bottom)

Pedaling forward or backward (reverse), the chain is slipping with a crackling noise and the propeller is not turning under load. Or you are pedaling and not moving at all. Another possibility is that you try to reverse but get stuck and you can only cycle forward. Below we tell you what most likely will be the problem.

Most likely the teeth wear out on your little sprocket in the bottom of your propulsion system. See the below picture;



the sprocket on the left is the new one, with straight teeth. The sprocket in the middle has bended teeth (first stage of decay), this comes from cycling more forwards then cycling backwards. Through the bending of the teeth it is commonly that you only can cycle forward and when you try to cycle backward (reverse) you stop and there is no movement anymore in the propulsion unit. The sprocket on the right has lost all off his teeth (final stage of decay); this means that you arenít moving anymore while trying to cycle, the chain is slipping over the little axle and the propeller isnít moving anymore under load because there are no more teeth left.

There are 2 types of propulsion systems which have the same dimensions and mostly the same parts. There is  the old propulsion system which is glued together and uses seals, and there is also a newer version where the water may run through and therefore isnít sealed.  Look at the  instructions, this is for the newer version but it works also for the old system.

The old sealed system doesnít have the adjustment screw because this is a sealed unit. The new unit runs water.

We have the small sprockets complete with shaft available at 122 euro without transport costs if you should need it.

Download small sprocket change manual