Surfbiking is very similar to riding a bicycle and very easy to learn. The SurfbikeLogo looks like a surfboard on which a steering mechanism ( handlebars, steering column and rudder ) and a pedalunit with a propellor have been added. SurfbikeLogo has three distinctive components ; a board, asteering mechanism and a propulsion system.
 SurfbikeLogo is a high-quality,  recreational product that is simple to use by people of all ages. SurfbikeLogo makes efficient use of human strenght, given that a persons legs have greater resistance and develop up to twice as much power as the arms. What is more, the mechanical advantage offered by the propellor enables a rider to go much faster than in a canoe, kayak or pedalboat.

Cruising speed : 5 mph, 8 km/h or 5 knots, Maximum speed : 7 mph, 11 km/h or 8 knots

Environmentally  friendly
: The SurfbikeLogo poses no threat to the environment. It does not contribute to exhaust and noise pollution  in and around our waters.
SurfbikeLogo has many applications ; recreation, fitness, transportation, etc. it is perfect for all ages. SurfbikeLogo is easy to carry, virtually maintenance free and easy to store. It's quick-release system permits assembly or disassembly in less then one minute.   
The SurfbikeLogo is created to meet the needs of people looking for new thrills and new ways of enjoying outdoor activities. The SurfbikeLogo allows group activities , excursions and monitoring on water while excercising and protecting the environment. Most of all, it's unique, fun and very exciting !

Since its introduction in1995, the SurfbikeLogo has met with outstanding success. In fact, people are already enjoying the  SurfbikeLogo in over 80 countries around the world.

The SurfbikeLogo is suitable for all people and for all ages and can be used on all water surfaces you can imagine. The SurfbikeLogo is a very environmental friendly product that doesn't produce any sound or air contamination. In practice the SurfbikeLogo is used for recreation, tourist trips, fitness and contests. 

Innospares is one of the main distributors of the SurfbikeLogo . Innospares can deliver the SurfbikeLogo worldwide . Beside the SurfbikeLogo  Innospares can also deliver the successful new accessories Cruz Wing, Cruz Connection and Surfseat.  The successful summers have proven that the SurfbikeLogo  is the new sensation in water sport.  

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Surfbike the (Canadian) company went out of business in the year 2000. We are one of the bigger former surfbike distributors in Europe. We have some spare parts in stock at prices that are shown in this website. So you can take advantage of this opportunity while it last. For us it is a side business nowadays. We stop when the surfbike replacement parts are sold.

The surfbikes we had were the first generation surfbikes. These are the good ones, not like the second generation which took surfbike (unfortunately) out of business.  


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